To instantly build relationships and give winning presentations and demos, you have to know who you’re working with. A solid discovery reveals the organizational gaps and felt needs of your decision-maker – so each demo speaks directly to your customer.


Are you asking the right questions?

We’ll teach you to be detectives, artfully asking the right questions, the right way to uncover each prospects’ felt needs and challenges. Pinpoint the business motivations and emotional triggers you can use to win the demo.

Are you an active listener?

We’ll train you to ask engaging questions and listen carefully for new info and opportunities. Exploring client responses more deeply helps you position your solution as a win for ALL stakeholders and executive sponsors.

Can you handle Discovery-on-the-fly?

Sometimes we’re strong-armed into giving demos without knowing everything we need. We’ll show you how to conduct discovery as you go and pivot your demo or presentation based on the info you just learned.

Business Development

Build confidence in your ability to perform sales Discovery on your first interaction with a prospect. Ask the right questions, the right way, to determine quickly if there is a sales opportunity and use what you learned in a quick overview demo of your solution.

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Qualifying skills are essential. Understanding how you can help your team win the demo by understanding the prospect’s needs at all levels of their organization is critical. Learn how to build a winning sales campaign by uncovering the true motivations of your prospect, from individual contributor to senior-level executive.

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Secure the technical win with winning Discovery strategies and techniques! No longer rely on what your salesperson considers as “Discovery.” In this fast start workshop, you’ll learn the skills and strategies you need to uncover every stakeholder’s needs, from individual contributor to senior executive.

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Client Success

Discovery never stops when you’re in Client Success. Learn Discovery strategies and techniques that will help you understand your client’s desired outcomes at all levels of their organization and build a plan to help them achieve those outcomes.

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Weak Discovery leads to disconnected messaging, feature-based demos that lead to competitive and no-decision losses. This fast-start workshop will elevate your team’s discovery skills and strategies, leading to the fluid delivery of your solutions and benefits that align with stakeholders at all levels within an organization.

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We’re pioneering discovery-on-the-fly techniques and uncovering the under-known.

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Discovery for Business Professionals Training

Course Overview

Discovery is a crucial part of any sales cycle – it enables salespeople to get to know their customer
or prospect. To understand their needs. Their pain points. Their goals. Their motivations.
Without Discovery, sales teams often present a solution and hope for the best. And that puts deals
at risk. Alternatively, effective discovery allows sales teams to align their solution with what the
customer expects, significantly improving the deal’s likelihood to close.
The Discovery2Win Mission teaches Participants to deeply understand what motivates their
stakeholders. To take action. To accelerate decision making. To advance the deal.
Participants learn how to approach discovery as a conversation, not an interrogation. How to craft
strong questions in the moment instead of reading questions off a list. How to motivate multiple
stakeholders. How to ask questions that inspire action. How to uncover the “real” objection. How to
deal with difficult people. And how to apply discovery to drive a winning deal strategy.
By the end of the workshop, Participants are able to:
• Use emotional intelligence (EQ) and professional empathy to adapt to diverse stakeholders.
• Understand the nuances of how multiple stakeholders’ motivations are connected.
• How to turn an objection into an opportunity to persuade and gain influence.
• Ruthlessly prioritize discovery learnings to focus the deal strategy.



Session 1: Discovery Foundations 

· Resonance and gaining influence with audiences

· What not to do during discovery

· Applying EQ and empathy during discovery

Exercise: Cognitive & Affective Empathy


Session 2: Objection Handling

· The 2Win 6-step objection handling framework

· Uncovering the “real” question or objection

· Choosing the appropriate response type

Exercise: Practice objection handling


Session 3: Advanced Discovery 

· 2Win’s CDIM™ Discovery method

· Crafting insight-based leading questions

· Funneling or narrowing tactics

Exercise: Navigating a discovery conversation


Session 4: Applying Discovery 

· Distilling discovery to the key findings

· Discovery findings in a customer presentation

· Crafting and refining a customer story based on key drivers identified during discovery

Exercise: Communicate how you address the client’s key challenge

Key Workshop Benefits
  • Understand stakeholder motives to clearly articulate their goals and challenges
  • Elevate every client interaction above feature and functions with a Win Plan that connects your solution to client motivations
  • Develop consistency across the team with a repeatable and efficient process and structure
  • Differentiate from competitors not by what you sell, but by how you sell
What People Say About Discovery2Win!

Discovery2Win! Testimonials


Great experience! Good framework whereby I can consume digestible chunks of the course the day before, then have a supportive coaching session the next day. To me, this is the perfect way to learn and reinforce the information! 

Richard Hanapole, Senior Solution Engineer, DocuSign


The training allowed me to have another perspective in my Discovery with clients and the new techniques like Tell-Show-Tell, will be useful in my new way of delivering my presentations.

Ryan Almonte, Application Specialist, Faro


I have been “set in my ways” of demoing for 15 years so was hesitant to take this course but in the end, I learned a great deal and am looking forward to implementing these techniques into my demo flow. 

Steve Yager, Sr. Solutions Consultant, iSolved


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