We create relevant and engaging storytellers that inspire their audience for every type of client interaction from demos to executive meetings.  Our storytelling workshop is purpose-built for the tech industry because we understand the crucial subtleties needed to connect your story’s message to the business objective of tech clients and prospects.


Are you connecting with emotion?

Emotional connection is the key to a successful demo or presentation. We’ll help you dig into what motivates your prospects’ decisions and help you design stories that connect your solutions to those emotions.

Is your story intentional?

We’ll train you to balance engagement and information — Every word should have a purpose. Make sure you understand your story’s intention and steer the conversation to a focused goal.

Does your story

Stories that connect with one audience or situation may not resonate with another. We’ll teach you to adapt each story to meet the needs of any audience, prospect, or situation from three-minute-long stories to fifteen-second shorts.

By Role
Business Development

Create a strong connection with prospects right out of the gate! Use storytelling techniques to lead insightful conversations and confidently gain trust with potential clients.

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Professional storytelling is a skill that connects your salespeople to stakeholders. Salespeople learn all forms of stories, from short, everyday snippets to long-form presentation opening grabbers. You’re at risk of losing to no decision or, worse, a competitor if you don’t use storytelling in sales situations!

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Client Success

Building strong bonds with existing clients is crucial. Contracts are shorter than ever before, and everyone is looking for the best deal. Learn how storytelling can help create strong bonds and keep them wanting more!

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Skillfully learn how to use storytelling to connect your solution to the clients’ pain points. Storytelling techniques are the foundation of motivating demos, Discoveries calls, and executive interactions.

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Some of the most outstanding leaders of the world were great storytellers. Let us work with you and reveal our secrets to telling winning stories. You can count on us to provide personalized, custom coaching so your next team or client interaction achieves your intention.

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“This was an incredible training experience that utilized real-life story techniques in its delivery. 2Win took it to the next level by relating it to the customer experience.”

Sales Executive | Wolters Kluwer


Sell more with stories that stick!


Storytelling Sales Training

Course Description

Imagine a sales presentation. There are slides with statistics. And logos. And charts. Then the audience goes to another presentation. There are new slides with statistics. And logos. And charts. The audience can’t tell the vendors apart. They forget both presentations. The deals go nowhere.


Facts inform. Emotions persuade. Because humans make decisions emotionally, then justify them rationally. Stories appeal to emotions, but salespeople can be reluctant to tell stories. Here’s the reasons myths. “The audience doesn’t want to hear stories.” “Stories are only for special occasions.” “I’m not a storyteller.” “I don’t have time to tell stories.”


Storytelling2Win debunks these myths. Participants learn how to use stories to connect with audiences. To influence. To persuade. To motivate. To advance deals.


Participants learn how to be agile, influential, and confident storytellers. How to quickly distill the audience’s challenges and objectives into a Big Idea. To clearly illustrate that Big Idea with a story. To thread the story throughout the presentation. And to resonate with different types of audiences.


By the end of the workshop, participants will:


  • Develop a “library” of stories and select the right one for each situation.
  • Build each component of a story with an effective and repeatable structure.
  • Remove extraneous details from stories and make their point in 90 seconds or less.
  • Confidently tell stories to diverse audiences in multiple settings and inspire action.

Session 1: Everyday Stories

  • 15-second stories to build agility
  • Storytelling’s emotional impact
  • Telling stories in any situation

Exercise: Develop your Everyday Story

Session 2: Path to the Big Idea

  • Connecting stories to the customer/prospect’s organizational objective
  • Clarifying the message with StoryThemes
  • Iterating stories with Story Checkpoints

Exercise: Craft a Big Idea for a current deal

Session 3: StoryBridge Framework

  • 90 seconds to the Big Idea
  • Close with a strong Call to Action
  • Story types: analogy, case, insight, discovery

Exercise: Use a StoryBridge to construct your story

Session 4: Maximizing Presence

  • Primary intention of your story
  • Body language, tone of voice, movement and use of space to connect delivery to intent
  • Cultural considerations and adaptations

Exercise: Practice techniques to amplify presence

Session 5: Capstone Presentation and Competition

  • Lessons learned, personal growth moments, future application and next steps

Competition: Participants deliver stories in small teams and compete with their peers for bragging rights



Key Workshop Benefits
  • Command attention and manage your audience with effective use of body language and tone of voice to accomplish your intentions
  • Inspire action by connecting to your audiences’ underlying emotions through storytelling
  • Quickly and permanently gain influence with executives, managers, and staff
What People Are Saying about Storytelling2Win!

Storytelling2Win! Testimonials:

“Public speaking is always a scary thing, but the coaches at 2Win! were nurturing and encouraging every step of the way. I never thought I’d be on a stage before 150 people delivering a personal story, but the group at 2Win! helped me find my voice. It was an amazing and utterly transformative experience.”

Kathy Marrero, Wolters Kluwer, Legal Training Consultant


“Sales training programs are critically important for a sales professional’s success and I am an advocate for continual learning and development. The reality is that none of them can move the needle unless you know how to evoke emotion and engage your listeners. Mastering the art of storytelling is a prerequisite for sales success and the 2Win! team has mastered the art of teaching it. If you want to move the needle in your sales organization, you must invest in this training.”

Dave Young, Wolters Kluwer, Director Sales

“Extremely rewarding! I am leaving this training with a sense of confidence and fulfillment and I thank the entire 2Win! team!”

Jason Hinkebein, Wolters Kluwer, Legisway Corporate Sales

“Really great – Will really change how I build relationships and present with clients.”

Joshua Pulido, Amazon, Account Executive

“Best training I’ve had in my time at Amazon. Learned immediate applications that I can immediately apply.”

Brooke Wells, Amazon, Sr. Account Executive

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