We create relevant and engaging storytellers that inspire their audience for every type of client interaction from demos to executive meetings.  Our storytelling workshop is purpose-built for the tech industry because we understand the crucial subtleties needed to connect your story’s message to the business objective of tech clients and prospects.


Are you connecting with emotion?

Emotional connection is the key to a successful demo or presentation. We’ll help you dig into what motivates your prospects’ decisions and help you design stories that connect your solutions to those emotions.

Is your story intentional?

We’ll train you to balance engagement and information — Every word should have a purpose. Make sure you understand your story’s intention and steer the conversation to a focused goal.

Does your story

Stories that connect with one audience or situation may not resonate with another. We’ll teach you to adapt each story to meet the needs of any audience, prospect, or situation from three-minute-long stories to fifteen-second shorts.

By Role
Business Development

Create a strong connection with prospects right out of the gate! Use storytelling techniques to lead insightful conversations and confidently gain trust with potential clients.

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Professional storytelling is a skill that connects your salespeople to stakeholders. Salespeople learn all forms of stories, from short, everyday snippets to long-form presentation opening grabbers. You’re at risk of losing to no decision or, worse, a competitor if you don’t use storytelling in sales situations!

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Client Success

Building strong bonds with existing clients is crucial. Contracts are shorter than ever before, and everyone is looking for the best deal. Learn how storytelling can help create strong bonds and keep them wanting more!

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Skillfully learn how to use storytelling to connect your solution to the clients’ pain points. Storytelling techniques are the foundation of motivating demos, Discoveries calls, and executive interactions.

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Some of the most outstanding leaders of the world were great storytellers. Let us work with you and reveal our secrets to telling winning stories. You can count on us to provide personalized, custom coaching so your next team or client interaction achieves your intention.

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“This was an incredible training experience that utilized real-life story techniques in its delivery. 2Win took it to the next level by relating it to the customer experience.”

Sales Executive | Wolters Kluwer


Sell more with stories that stick!


Storytelling Sales Training

Course Description

Engagement. Vision. Distinction. Connection.

Self-paced learning blended with live virtual practice and coaching to improve your client-facing teams’ ability to deliver compelling and persuasive stories.   

Storytelling is designed to create relevant and energizing storytellers. Each time we deliver the course it is tailor-made for your team. We will teach your team to craft stories that are strongly connected to the business objectives of their audience.

The storytelling workshop provides simple but powerful skills around developing stories that are authentic and memorable. We will teach you to develop a story that speaks to your client’s challenges and how your solution addresses those challenges through a variety of story styles that we refer to as “Story Bridges”.

We will break down all the elements of a good story using Story Bridges, help your team to brainstorm for personal life stories that are can be connected to business objectives. Individuals will hone and then, present their stories in the context of their chosen prospect and business objective but, not without lots of practice and personal coaching!

There are three primary components to your storytelling for business workshop:

 Virtual Self-Paced Video Learning Lessons That Deliver:

  • Understanding the emotional impact of storytelling.
  • Practical examples of different types of stories and where to use them in your professional life.
  • Ways to strongly connect your story to your client or prospect.
  • “Storytelling Crimes” why they happen and how to avoid them.
  • Leveraging proven storytelling structures, the StoryBridge, to ensure you connect to The Big Idea in under 90 seconds.
  • Best practices and tips & tricks for quickly improving your presence.

Prepare and Practice

  • Participants present their everyday stories based on scenarios they developed.
  • Students are chosen randomly to practice with a peer and receive feedback and coaching from a 2Win Master Coach.
  • Individuals are then placed into virtual breakout rooms to ensure everyone has an opportunity to practice their everyday Story in front of a small group of peers. The 2Win Coach makes rounds through the breakout rooms to provide individualized coaching.
  • Everyone is brought back to the main room to share best-in-class examples and discuss impacts from their practice opportunities.


  • Storytelling Competition: each team presents their best Story to compete with their peers for bragging rights
  • 2Win coach is fun and engaging in the way they facilitate the competition
  • Participants vote for their favorite Story based on the creativity of approach, connection to The Big Idea, and presence.

Individual Coaching

  • Immediately following each presentation, a 2Win expert provides individual coaching and just-in-time instruction. The feedback illuminates the positive and constructive elements of each presentation and becomes a platform to deepen the knowledge and skills of every participant regardless of workshop composition.
  • 2Win coaching is perfect for clients that want the benefit of individual coaching with group learning. For small group workshops, team members self-register for their small-group sessions.

At 2Win, we know that your experts learn by being challenged in thinking, engaging, and, through practice. All of our structures, methods, and techniques are backed by extensive research and implemented using the most modern adult learning methods. As a result, the difference in the effectiveness of your team member’s demos and presentations the week after this workshop will be striking!

Self-Paced Video Lesson List
  1. Welcome to Storytelling2Win!
  2. Opening Story
  3. Storytelling Foundations
  4. Everyday Stories
  5. Path to The Big Idea
  6. Brainstorming Story Concepts
  7. Brainstorming Story Ideas
  8. Storytelling Checklist
  9. Preparing Your Final Story
  10. Illustrative Analogy StoryBridge
  11. Case Study StoryBridge
  12. Industry Insight StoryBridge
  13. Discovery StoryBridge
  14. Presence Discussion

Professional Production Quality

Self-paced lessons use modern and engaging video production and graphics to enhance engagement and learning. Each lesson features 2Win experts that guide the students through their knowledge journey and exercise completion.

Types of Exercises

Students complete an online exercise after each major course section that prepares them to strongly connect their Story to organizational objectives by following the path to the Big Idea. Exercises include:

  1. Developing your Everyday Story
  2. Crafting the Big Idea for one of your Accounts
  3. Brainstorming Story Concepts
  4. Using the StoryBridge to Develop your Story
  5. Amplify Presence While Practicing for the Storytelling Competition


Four Live Virtual Reinforcement Webinars

  • 90-Minute Sessions delivered at 30/60/90/120 days post-training to discuss real-world implications, clarify questions, and address any roadblocks or concerns in implanting the techniques.
  • The agenda is flexible and will be mutually agreed upon between the client and 2Win.
Key Workshop Benefits
  • COMMAND ATTENTION and manage your audience with effective use of body language and tone of voice to accomplish your intentions.
  • INSPIRE ACTION by connecting to your audiences’ underlying emotions through storytelling.
  • Quickly and permanently GAIN INFLUENCE with executives, managers, and staff.
What People Are Saying about Storytelling2Win!

Storytelling2Win! Testimonials:

“Public speaking is always a scary thing, but the coaches at 2Win! were nurturing and encouraging every step of the way. I never thought I’d be on a stage before 150 people delivering a personal story, but the group at 2Win! helped me find my voice. It was an amazing and utterly transformative experience.”

Kathy Marrero, Wolters Kluwer, Legal Training Consultant


“Sales training programs are critically important for a sales professional’s success and I am an advocate for continual learning and development. The reality is that none of them can move the needle unless you know how to evoke emotion and engage your listeners. Mastering the art of storytelling is a prerequisite for sales success and the 2Win! team has mastered the art of teaching it. If you want to move the needle in your sales organization, you must invest in this training.”

Dave Young, Wolters Kluwer, Director Sales

“Extremely rewarding! I am leaving this training with a sense of confidence and fulfillment and I thank the entire 2Win! team!”

Jason Hinkebein, Wolters Kluwer, Legisway Corporate Sales

“Really great – Will really change how I build relationships and present with clients.”

Joshua Pulido, Amazon, Account Executive

“Best training I’ve had in my time at Amazon. Learned immediate applications that I can immediately apply.”

Brooke Wells, Amazon, Sr. Account Executive

Virtual Training Options

What makes our virtual training different?

  • Designed with Virtual in Mind –  Most skills-based training companies have implemented virtual training with exhausting lectures and slide-sharing. Not 2Win! We architected and purpose-built our virtual training courses to be flexible, impactful, and practical. Uniquely designed for an online training format.
  • Proven Satisfaction – Our virtual training satisfaction scores are equivalent to our in-person scores. We’re keeping pre-sales, sales, and client success engaged that results in an immediate impact on your team’s effectiveness.
  • Masterful Virtual Delivery and Coaching – No technical difficulties. No sound quality issues. No excuses.
  • Quality Development and Production  – Our lessons and exercises are bite-sized and easy to digest. We use high-quality video, graphics, and activities to create a learning experience that is interesting, challenging, and educational.
  • Grow at Your Own Pace – We scale globally for even the largest enterprises and audiences.
  • A Unique Take on Virtual Training – 2Win! virtual training offers a combination of user-friendly mobile tools, web-enabled video platforms, and virtual coaching so your most expensive resources gain immediate and long-lasting benefit to your strategic goals.


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