The shortest distance between two people is a story. We’ve mastered the use of these techniques to connect with people emotionally and shape their behavior and decision-making. Deeply engage every prospect and be remembered long after the presentation or demo is done.


Are you connecting with emotion?

Emotional connection is the key to a successful demo or presentation. We’ll help you dig into what motivates your prospects’ decisions and help you design stories that connect your solutions to those emotions.

Is your story intentional?

We’ll train you to balance engagement and information — Every word should have a purpose. Make sure you understand your story’s intention and steer the conversation to a focused goal.

Does your story

Stories that connect with one audience or situation may not resonate with another. We’ll teach you to adapt each story to meet the needs of any audience, prospect, or situation from three-minute-long stories to fifteen-second shorts.

Business Development Role

Convert more targets to pipeline by optimizing every prospect encounter through improved Discovery, objection handling, overview demo, and storytelling skills designed for Business Development.

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Sales Roles

Improve your pipeline efficiency and achieve your revenue target with services personalized for account executives that the best Discovery, sales demo, storytelling, and executive engagement skills.

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Client Success Roles

Programs that are purpose-built for Client Success professionals that will maximize product utilization, subscription renewals, and expand your revenue footprint through improved Discovery, demo, storytelling, and executive engagement skills.

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Transform your team with the #1 bestselling PreSales curriculum in the world! Help them improve Discoveries, deliver powerful demos and tell stories that move a client from curiosity to belief.

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“This was an incredible training experience that utilized real-life story techniques in its delivery. 2Win took it to the next level by relating it to the customer experience.”

Sales Executive | Wolters Kluwer


We’re masters in selling through story.



Storytelling Sales Training

Course Description

Storytelling 2.0 is designed to create relevant and energizing storytellers. Each time we deliver the course it is tailor-made for your team. We will teach you or your team to craft stories that are tied back to the business objectives of their audience.

Simple but powerful skills around developing a conversation that is authentic but gets to the point. We will teach you to develop a story that speaks to your client’s challenges and how your solution addresses those challenges.

We will break down all the elements of a good story using Story Arcs, brainstorm to find the gold in your personal life that will bring your story to life. Stories will be honed and then presented to the entire class but not without lots of practice and personal coaching.

Storytelling 2.0 Course Outline

1.1 Welcome to Storytelling2Win
The purpose of this video is to welcome participants to the course, cover key learning

The purpose of this video is to introduce the course materials and ensure students download all of the required materials.


2.1 Limbic Opening
The purpose of this video is to introduce the key theme, connect to the participants’ objectives, and introduce the roadmap.


3.1 Storytelling Foundations
Set up lesson and introduce first crime

3.2 First Crime: TBD
Role Play 1

3.3 Crime Interpretation
Explain the problem and how to solve

3.4 Correcting Fundamental
TBD…example of how to fix the previous crime
Role Play 2

3.5 Limbic
Interpretation of Fundamental, Limbic (cards), set up Neocortex

3.6 Neocrotex Teach
Teaching segment: Neocortex

3.7 Neocortex Example
Group game based on Mad Gab.

3.8 Foundations Close
Interpret Neocortex and wrap up the segment


4.1 The Path to the Big Idea
Teaching Segment: Define Business Objective, Customer’s Challenge in Achieving Objective, Your Solution to the Challenge, Themes Present, Reduce to a short phrase

4.2 Big Idea Exercise
Exercise Setup and Explanation


5.1 Story Ideas
Segment Introduction and setup 15 second stories

5.2 15 Second Stories
Role Play Game to get the creative juices flowing

5.3 Connecting Stories to the Big Idea
Needs to teach how to start connecting themes to the big idea. Can use the exercise as an example

5.4 Setup Story Ideas Exercise
Exercise Setup and Explanation

5.5 Test story concepts
Teaching segment: key checkpoints when developing stories (Check to see if the crimes build these out)

5.6 Exercise: Choose Story
Simple setup…choose a story concept to take forward


6.1 Story Arcs Setup
Teaching Segment: intro to segment and teach analogy

6.2 Analogy Meeting
Role play of an analogy in a meeting setting

6.3 Case Study Teach
Teaching Segment: Case Study in a meeting setting

6.4 Case Study Meeting
Role play of a Case Study in a meeting setting

6.5 Industry Insight Teach
Teaching Segment: Insight in a meeting setting

6.6 Industry Insight Meeting
Role Play of an Industry Insight in a meeting setting

6.7 Discovery Teach
Teaching Segment: Discovery in a meeting setting

6.8 Discovery Meeting
Role Play of a Discovery Story in a meeting setting

6.9 Exercise Setup
Set up the exercise to build a full story arc in a meeting setting


7.1 Presence


8.1 Story Settings
Introduction to segment and setup personal story and analogy to handle an objection

8.2 Personal Story – Objection
Role Play of a personal story to handle an objection

8.3 Teaching Transition
Interpret role play and set up next

8.4 Analogy – Onjection
Role Play of an analogy to handle an objection

8.5 Teaching segment
Interpret analogy and setup insight – discovery convo

8.6 Insight-Discovery Convo
Role play of an industry insight to set up a discovery convo

8.7 Teaching Segment
Interpret Insight and setup customer story

8.8 Customer Story- Reference
Role Play of telling a customer story in the context of a reference call

8.9 Teaching segment
Interpret customer story and setup discovery in the context of a demo

8.10 Discovery – Demo
Role Play of a discovery story in the context of a demo

8.11 Wrap up
Final teaching segment and wrap up

8.12 Exercise Setup
Setup the Story-Settings exercise


9.1 Closing
Closing Video…setup coaching engagement

Testimonials - What People Are Saying about Storytelling 2.0


“Public speaking is always a scary thing, but the coaches at 2Win! were nurturing and encouraging every step of the way. I never thought I’d be on a stage before 150 people delivering a personal story, but the group at 2Win! helped me find my voice. It was an amazing and utterly transformative experience.”

Kathy Marrero, Wolters Kluwer, Legal Training Consultant

“Sales training programs are critically important for a sales professional’s success and I am an advocate for continual learning and development. The reality is that none of them can move the needle unless you know how to evoke emotion and engage your listeners. Mastering the art of storytelling is a prerequisite for sales success and the 2Win! team has mastered the art of teaching it. If you want to move the needle in your sales organization, you must invest in this training.”

Dave Young, Wolters Kluwer, Director Sales

“Extremely rewarding! I am leaving this training with a sense of confidence and fulfillment and I thank the entire 2Win! team!”

Jason Hinkebein, Wolters Kluwer, Legisway Corporate Sales

“Really great – Will really change how I build relationships and present with clients.”

Joshua Pulido, Amazon, Account Executive

“Best training I’ve had in my time at Amazon. Learned immediate applications that I can immediately apply.”

Brooke Wells, Amazon, Sr. Account Executive

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